A Special Thank You


Just wanted to take the time to express to give special thanks to other sites and people that make sites like this one possible to exist.

R&B Haven - Please checkout this site to get extensive information on R&B artists from the 80's, 90's, and 00's. The owner(s) of this site has had a hand in updating (or creating) many Wikipedia pages of artists from the past to give keen insight on some of your favorite ol' school artists. www.rnbhaven.com.

NJS4E - This site is dedicated to your favorite artists from the New Jack Swing era. NJS4E interviews some of your favorite artists from that era. Some of them might not be front and center anymore, but it doesn't mean they aren't still making their presence felt in the music industry. www.NJS4E.com

AllMusic/Discogs - These sites have extensive information about new and old artists in a variety of genres, including charting positions. Make sure you check them out. www.allmusic.com and www.discogs.com

Throwbacks - A special shout out to some of my friends/classmates who helped me get Throwbacks started.

YouTube/Dailymotion - Thanks to ALL THE UPLOADERS who keep the 90's alive by uploading content for all of us to enjoy.