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The PURPOSE of UrbanMusicNow is to make searching for music videos and information about your favorite artists from the 1990's easier to find.

This site focuses on the years 1989-1999, meaning the focus of the artist, no matter the popularity, is based solely on record releases from this time period. However their are exceptions. These exceptions are labeled as "Bonus Videos." For example: New Edition released 'Home Again' in 1996, but their biggest hits were prior to 1989 (Heartbreak was released in 1988). For this reason, videos released prior to 1989 or post 1999 would be considered "Bonus Videos" on

The VIDEOS on this site are actually embedded or linked to a variety of YouTube and Dailymotion accounts. The uploader still gets credit for any videos watched on this site. This site adheres to the terms and policies of both YouTube and Dailymotion.

The BIOS of artists are brief to give visitors a quick overview of who the artist is, or was, and his or her contribution to the era. A reference is located at the bottom of each bio if further information about the artist is needed.

Hip-Hop Select. The foundation of this site is based primarily on R&B artists. Hip-Hop videos will be incorporated throughout the site, but will feature select videos from such artists. This site will not display videos that degrade women or promote violent acts toward others.

Keep It Classy. This site focuses on the musical contributions of artists from the 1990's. This site does not participate in artist-bashing. How an artist chooses to live his/her life is strictly their business. It is the policy of this site that you refrain from making profane or insensitive comments about the artists or contributors (other commentors) of this site.

Throwbacks is dedicated to lovers of the 90's. Contribute your photos and show-off your 90's fashion, your Asymmetric or Cornrow hairstyles, your Fades or your Dreads. Whatever you were rockin' in the 1990's, Throwbacks is the place to keep those memories alive.

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